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Articles and Bullitens


by: Molly Hall, reposted by: MAGICKAL WINDS

What is Pluto in the birth chart?: This is the sign and house position of Pluto at the time of your birth. Look for the Pluto symbol on any birth chart.

Is Pluto still a planet?: Astronomers demoted Pluto in 2006, and it’s now considered a "dwarf planet," but astrologers still reckon it to be a powerful force on a collective and individual level. It is positioned at the outer edge of the Solar System, and was discovered in 1930 after the invention of the telescope. Of all the major bodies, Pluto is the smallest and furthest away from the Sun.

What does Pluto influence as a "generational planet?": Pluto stays in a sign for about 21 years, and right now is in Sagittarius. An entire generation will share the same sign, and this gives shades of meaning to the mark they make on the world. It determines how they’ll transform their world and how the external events of their world will transform them.

How does Pluto influence and change society in general?: During its long journey through a constellation, the essence of that sign becomes a kind of change-agent. With transiting Pluto in Sagittarius, a fire sign, other fire sign planets will be lit up and inspired to fulfill their potential. There is a burning away of falsehoods, so that truth can rise like a Phoenix from the ashes. Sagittarius is the clear-sighted visionary, and the one that shakes off heavy emotionality or dense physical concerns to evolve in a speedy way. Intuitive leaps can be made on a collective level that are life-affirming for all of humanity.

What about Pluto’s transit through Sagittarius on a personal level?:
Those with the Sun in Sagittarius or Gemini have likely been undergoing an interior overhaul these past few years. Transiting Pluto brings changes whether you’re ready or not, and you emerge a completely new person.

Pluto may be making aspects to other planets in the birth chart, as well. But even without affected planets, transiting Pluto will provoke upheaval and regeneration in the house it passes through in your birth chart. For example, if Sagittarius is on your 10th house cusp, your career, sense of authority, status, etc will likely go through an intense renovation.

What about Pluto’s influence in the individual birth chart?: The house position of Pluto is key to understanding which area of life will enact the most dramatic transformation. It’s often the area that you grasp for with the most longing, but where the attainment of your ideal vision ends up being difficult or impossible. The birth chart often points to a lifelong meditation on some issue, and no planet dogs us like Pluto does. Its potent medicine burns away what is not necessary through both our own initiated changes, and changes from external circumstances. We often have to undergo an agonizing letting go process and build faith in life itself, for miracles to occur.

Keywords: transformation, destruction, creation, regeneration, healing, renewal, power struggles, upheaval

What is the meaning of Pluto in Astrology?:
In the birth chart, Pluto shows the area of life where you’ll personally face the intense powers of creation and destruction. It’s the doorway through which volatile compressed pockets of self, spirit and primal energy lies hidden, which are released either by our own efforts or by provocation from the outside world.

Pluto’s energy will not be suppressed but its power is often feared. This can put you in a showdown between your greatest fears of being destroyed, and the pursuit of the deepest longing in your heart. The Ego holds to its defenses, but Pluto tries to urge you to let go, and surrender to become a new person.

Pluto rules Scorpio with its province being death and rebirth. There’s a Sufi saying, ’Die many times before you die," and Pluto’s lessons hold out promise of emerging from the flames a new person. When chaotic events shake us at the foundations, it could be Pluto provoking change at the fundamental level. We might not think we exist without the ground beneath us, our sense of who we are, but if we’re brave, we come to discover there is life after this kind of ego-death.

Pluto also governs power itself, including struggles between people and countries for domination, and of course, personal power. It shows up when perfectly capable people end up under the thumb of someone else’s control. Facing down the control and manipulation of others, especially parents, can make us weak in the knees. But once we do this, we are changed forever.

You can either be at the mercy of Pluto’s provocation to change, or you can take matters into your own hands. It can be humbling to look soberly at the area of life in which you feel powerless, worked over, dissed by the Universe -- but by doing this, you can try to understand and alter your own reactions. You still might be brought to your knees, but while there you’ll rest assured that Pluto’s dark and punishing face is that of a tough, but loving teacher, leading you toward a more authentic experience of yourself.

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