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Metaphysical Monolith - Wiccan Druid.  The Rudston Monolith at over 7.6 metres (25 ft) is the tallest megalith (Standing stone) in the United Kingdom. It is situated in a churchyard in the village of Rudston in the East Riding of Yorkshire. The weight is estimated at 40 tons (~40,000 kg).

Bright Blessings and welcome to Magickal Winds’ Metaphysical Magickal Shoppe, established in 2001 to provide the materials and means to aid in spiritual exploration to inspire, educate & inform. We are an on-line store only and home of specialty candles for spiritual and ritual works including new image candles of various archetypes and improved man and woman candles. All of our ritual tools are handmade in the United States, most of them are made during the correct phase of the moon in order to provide the optimal positive, powerful outcome desired by the user, depending on the tool and are of the highest quality available through a metaphysical store.

Our product offerings include specialty hand-made candles, meditated candles, mojo bags, wands, essential oils, hand-made incense, gem pendants, books, music CDs, gem and crystal pendulums, jewelry, spell kits, natural soaps and much more to provide you the tools and accessories to enhance the journey of our lives.

We also seek to provide a variety of services to aid in spiritual enlightenment. Our website includes metaphysical information found in articles, blogs, spells, info that could be used in a book of shadows, dictionary, music, a horoscope module, dynamic lunar calendar, a monthly newsletter, and links to relevant information to provide further insights into self–exploration and spiritual growth. We also offer spiritual and metaphysical services such as workshops, classes, lectures, and divination readings using Tarot & pendulums. We will soon be offering special hand-made white magick spell–kits with detailed instructions to promote the optimal results for your intentions.

Blessed Be

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We have added 98 tracks of Wiccan and Pagan music for you to enjoy. In addition, there are two excellent interviews at the end of these tracks for your learning entertainment and The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram by Israel Regardie, from the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. (We should only have 100 tracks but we have 101... call it Magick!) Just click on the play-list, walk away, and enjoy!

The second song on this play­list is labeled incorrectly by Play List. The correct artist is Gypsy from Salem, Massachusetts. The correct name of this song is Heaven's Gift and the BEAUTIFUL CD is named Enchantress. Gypsy is blessed with a beautiful, mystical voice. The CD Enchantress is beautiful. Gypsy’s lyrics are true to Magick, spell­binding and incredibly well written. Not only is she blessed with a great voice but she is blessed as a writer, artist, and High Priestess. Enchantress contains well written lyrics, enchanting music and spell-binding vocals. This CD is a true work of art and a wonderful gift to the Pagan and Wiccan community. I highly recommend Gypsy's music! The first three songs are by Gypsy from her Enchantress CD.